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Vent time

My boss is so freaking irresponsible. Her signature move is to tell people what they want to hear, even though she has no intention on bringing any such light to the issue. “Ok! Yeah we will definitely work something out!” “No problem,sure!”

Example. Today I could barely do my job because I was too busy doing hers. I spent a few hours basically cleaning up the damage she has done. It’s only Monday.

An issue occurred to me today, so I was ankle deep in paper work, schedules and highlighted important notes around me scattered all over the floor trying to fill in gaps. Something my boss would never do. And never has any intentions to do. She went ALL this time without telling me anything of this issue. If I never took care of this to the best of my ability she would have waited until tomorrow when all hell would break loose. And she still wouldn’t have a relevant excuse, or plan to make it better.

But no she got a raise because she’s so fucking wonderful.
I didn’t like her from day one, and I don’t think I ever will.
I’m brutally honest, something she never had to deal with because everyone else was too scared. Well guess what? I have told countless of people how useless she is and they all agreed. Instead of them going to her with important issues they are coming to me because they know I actually care, and will handle it. Once again… Something my boss would never do, and never has done.

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